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Published on 01 March 2017

Miraistas help in the Ecuadorian voting in Charlotte

Charlotte, NC - A group of  10 Miraistas participated in Ecuador's presidential vote, which took place on Sunday, February 19, in Charlotte.The voting precinct was open from 7:00 a.m. at the Sharon South Clubhouse, until 5:00 p.m.

The Miraistas were registering those Ecuadorians who were not yet registered to vote, also as jurors in the polling stations, and in different tasks during the electoral day to give support to the House of the Ecuadorian Foundation, organization that was in charge of the logistics of activity.

MIRA USA has been collaborating with this group for several years, offering its support with volunteer Miraistas in the activities of the mobile consulate of Ecuador held in the Ciudad Reina.

Ecuadorian nationalists and different nationalities will be collaborating on the next mobile day that the Consulate of Ecuador based in Atlanta, Georgia, will hold the next weekend in Charlotte on March 4 and 5.

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Published on 16 December 2016

MIRA USA celebrates with their volunteers after a successful year of work


Charlotte, NC - In a year of successful activities, MIRA USA exalted the work of its volunteers at the third "Golden Ant Gala Dinner 2016" held in Charlotte on Saturday, December 3.Held at the Ramada Hotel's event room, volunteers, guests, sponsors, and friends of the organization shared a night full of surprises, music, and excitement.

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Maria Clara Mur national director of MIRA USA attended the event who arrived surprisingly after to accompanying MIRAISTAS New York in the city of Queens, She spoke about the importance of Miraism and highlighted the results of the year.

"Our organization is made up of immigrants of different nationalities and has been a beautiful job because we have not found in any of the places where we have been someone who does not have in their hearts helping others, and that is where our organization works Miraísmo, "said Mur.

The national director said, that the organization that is in seven states has 15 working groups, about 5,708 volunteers and that in 2016 were benefited more than 1,400 people.

This year the evening grew almost double with an attendance of more than 300 people, and the contribution of major sponsors such as the company Norman Media and Kimbrell's, Furniture that donated spectacular prizes.

It was the talent of Ruben Granados, a Mexican entrepreneur who made the artistic presentation of the duo Ecuason and the Mexican Mariachi, who started singing to the audience with their joyful and popular songs, some even went on stage to demonstrate in acapella his skills of singing.

The expected moment for all came near the end of the night, with the prize draw and the delivery of the "Golden Ant Award 2016" to two of its most outstanding volunteers.

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Published on 28 November 2016

MIRAISTAS conduct the last environmental day of the year in an adopted street,

Charlotte, NC - A group of 21 miraistas dressed in their blue jersey on the morning of Saturday, November 5. Where they held the last environmental day of the year that aimed to keep clean a mile stretch of Johnston Road, Street adopted three years ago by MIRA USA with the local program "Adopt a Street."

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Children, youth, and adults performed significant work on the side and side of the road, as well as in the intermediate planters, leaving the section without debris and trash, typically left by casual passers-by.

The miraistas managed to collect several bags of garbage during the two hours of the day that began at 9:00 am and ended at 11:00 am. Participants were satisfied at the end of the activity, and sure to have helped the Care of the environment in this busy street located to the south of the Ciudad Reina.

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Published on 26 October 2016

The Latino community gets educated about the voting process.

Charlotte, NC - Fifty latinos managed to get educated about the voting process. A time to exercise their right as citizens in the upcoming presidential election scheduled to began on October 20 in North Carolina. 

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MIRA USA  hosted The "nonpartisan" event on Saturday, October 15, held at the Library Steele Creek, southwest of Charlotte with the participation of experts as the director of the Board of Elections Mecklenburg County (MCBOE) and renowned journalist Rafael Prieto.

Dickerson instructed in detail to the participants, many of them first-time voters, about how to vote, to meet applicable requirements in this state. 

The Director said," Only United States Citizens can vote. When voting without a US citizenship status, the person becomes penalized with a fine and a year in prison."

All attendees viewed on a screen on how to fill out a voter registration form.Also, the expert explained the options to vote by mail, early voting and during Election Day on November 8. 

Each participant could see the yellow Card screens will find in the polling place. Dickerson also said the different skills and positions at stake in this election year.

Dickerson took to the event room an electronic machine which managed to simulate the vote. Meantime he explained that the devices do not connect to the internet making it harder for fraud. 

Journalist Prieto brought awareness to the crowd about the importance of the Latino vote in North Carolina and conducted a thorough explanation of each position in the competition for 2016. 

"Usually Latinos are a block of voters who do not participate, but in an election as close as this year, every vote counts," he said 

In the workshop attendee Luis Antonio Meza, a 76-year-old Salvadoran.Meza who has lived in the country for 31 years and is naturalized citizen for the past five years, He has finally decided to register to vote.  

"He felt it was a duty to perform and through this workshop, now more he understands what to do," said his relative Etelva Mazarios, who responded for Meza.

The event featured coverage of many local media such as newspapers:  Hola Noticia, El Progreso Hispano, and La Noticia.