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Published on 09 August 2013

Dover Celebrates the First Festival “Colombia With You”

Dover, NJ – During the sunny afternoon on August 3, MIRA USA hosted the First Cultural Festival ‘Colombia with You’ , with the purpose of celebrating the rich Colombian culture.

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Jorge Muñoz, leader and spokesman for MIRA USA, also known as the Angel of Queens, was responsible for the opening of the event. Muñoz, shared with those in attendance about the social work of MIRA USA in the United States. He used the occasion not only to join the celebration, but also to interact with the residents of Dover and listen to their concerns.

The town council, Carolyn Blackman, was also present at the event to congratulate the organization for their continuous work within the community. 

Although it was a rainy morning, over 400 residents and visitors enjoyed the event full of prizes, raffles and artistic presentations. During the afternoon, the sun came out to make the festival a pleasant cultural celebration. 

There were several acts that entertained the audience with their overflowing Colombia pride. Among them singer Andres Garcia, dance group Cali salsa pal’ mundo, singer & songwriter Acsmed, and other musical groups.

There was entertainment for everyone; kids enjoyed riding ponies, recreational games, and a modern police car on display for people to take pictures.


Category: Dover, NJ
Published on 05 August 2013

Dover Residents Receive Naturalization Test Seminar Once Again

DOVER, N.J. – MIRA USA hosted another citizenship workshop to help the residents of Dover, New Jersey prepare for such an important step in their lives, as it is the naturalization process to become U.S. citizens.

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For the second time this year, MIRA USA lead a bilingual workshops, which had close to 30 attendees, who received training on the naturalization test’s format.

The classes ended July 20th, and to motivate the class, students from the previous class came to share their experiences during the day of their naturalization test and they proudly showed their U.S. citizenship certificate.