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Published on 05 May 2017

Celebration of Earth day in Houston, texas

Houston, Texas - On Saturday, April 22, MIRA USA volunteers in Houston participated together with the council and the city of Independence Heights Community in celebration of Earth Day. 

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The event was our second appearance in planting trees, a project whose approximate duration will be until 2020. Miraistas volunteers, of all ages, planted their seed of love and exceptional work to embellish the city. They organized themselves in groups to remove soil and plant the trees, giving the city its beautification.

Through the donation of some tree species, the Miraistas could adapt a part of the path of what would be the "Visitor Center" since it is a central area of Houston, a place of great historical value.

Successfully completing this mission with this community once again, Miraistas had the pleasure of completing this second phase and celebrating International Earth Day.

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Published on 10 February 2017

Independence Heights Community Recovery and improvemet Environmental Project

On February 5, 2016, MIRA USA participated in an environmental improvement and beautification project at the Independence Heights community was held in Houston, Texas. The goal of the project is to provide a space where it will be possible to renovate, transform, preserve and recover the green zones for its beautification. This project is for the inhabitants of the community which is of great importance and value for its historical part since we want to recognize this locality as the first African American city in Houston.

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Those who partook in the project were Tanya Debos director at Indepence Heights, Juanita Jiménez assistant director, and The MIRA USA Organization.

For the development of the activity, MIRAUSA elaborated a plan of work in two important phases, the first to look for donors of tree species, as well as funds, and a second phase was the execution of the work. The implementation involved planting furrows, selecting the species according to the physical and chemical conditions of the ground, trails adopted, and cleaned the designated space.

It is worth mentioning the significant contribution of MIRAUSA and each of its volunteers, who with great enthusiasm and commitment helped to make it possible.

The project concluded with great satisfaction, and a huge thank you from the directives and the inhabitants of the community, towards the MIRAUSA organization.

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Published on 28 December 2016

Golden Ant Awards 2016 Houston

Houston, TX - Last Saturday, December 17, annual recognition was given to the volunteers Miraistas of the nonprofit organization MIRA USA in the city of Houston. The Organization highlighted the work of its volunteers with a successful gala dinner titled "Hormiga De Oro 2016". The evening took place in the elegant "The Bougainvilleas" event hall located in Westheimer in Houston. Two hundred people attended, including donors and sponsors, who, with their voluntary contribution, contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of hundreds of people who are part of MIRA USA INC's aid programs throughout from the United States.

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The masters of ceremony Catalina Caicedo, Miraista, social communicator and journalist in the Houston School District and Lizzet Lopez, a reporter for Univision 45 Houston, conducted the gala on a brilliant evening.

During the night an account was taken of the activities of MIRA USA for the immigrants. María Clara Mur, National Director of the Organization MIRA USA, attended the event. María Clara along with Carolina Pedroza, director of the MIRA USA headquarters in Houston, thanked and praised the work of the Miraistas volunteers for their performance, support and commitment to social work this year. A way to practice this motto "Helping Moves us." The volunteers were surprised with the delivery of the prize "The Golden Ant." Their faces full of happiness and their hearts expressing words of gratitude and happiness transmitted to many a ray of motivation to want to be part of the organization MIRA USA.

Attendees also received prizes for several raffles that were made, donated by the different sponsors and donors who joined the cause of the annual "Golden Ant 2016" award.

Additionally, the master of ceremony Lizzet Lopez and Catalina Caicedo made mention of human talent in Houston. However, It was MIRAISTA April Vera who confessed that singing is her passion and sang the Disney classic "Colors of the Wind" and "All I ask" from the album '25 'by the artist Adele.  Also, the evening was delightful with a talented Venezuelan jazz vocalist, Raquel Cepeda and his jazz group, the dance group - Solo Dance Company and finally a Flamenco in simple guitar by John H. Clarke.

The night was unforgettable, thanking all the volunteers, donors and acknowledging everyone's hard work. Everyone took in words their directors expressed to them letting them know that they are the "engine" of the organization.

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Published on 17 October 2016

Citizenship Workshop In Houston Concluded Successfully

Houston, TX- At 11:30 am last Saturday, October 8, the doors of the room in  The Kendall library opened to welcome 33 residents in Houston who came with one goal: lose the fear of taking the citizenship test through the workshop three hours offered by MIRA USA.

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The third free event provided the participants with an overview of immigration laws, the step of the naturalization process and experience live a simulation of the full interview in the hands of the volunteers of the organization, who made the times of coaches and immigration officials.

Thus, proceeded to take an oath in English, as would be done at the ceremony, to continue with the processing of the questions on the N400 form and then to the practice of the 100 civics or government questions. 

The event also was attended by Attorney Hector M. Herrera Jr., immigration specialist firm Law Offices of Herrera & Associates, PLLC., Who also cleared the doubts of the assistants to avoid becoming victims of fraud or situations that may affect the citizenship process.

To end the workshop, participants engaged in a one to one to mock interview. This experience allowed them to have a clear idea of how this important process unfolds. Amparo Quintero said "By the time you interact with the interviewer, the fear is gone, and one is more familiar with greater assurance. So, I recommend the workshop to others who are going through this process. "

Diego Hernandez, another participant, said that "this workshop is of great help for all those who want to be citizens to lose their fear and have more confidence, learn more and know what those Tips and those options are to achieve the interview and pass it without any problems. I lost my fear."  Moreover, "The organization MIRA USA, Thank you for the support, kindness and giving us time, keep doing this because it is crucial to us Latinos to move forward as a community in the United States. "

"We hope that this workshop has been very helpful because our mind is to achieve the desired goal to become citizens of this country. This is why through these seminars we do a whole pretext and as dynamic as possible to know what happens in a real interview, "said Carolina Chavarriaga, director of MIRA USA in Houston. 

Concluding the event to helping immigrants lose the fear of taking the Citizenship exam in the United States.