Independence Heights Community Recovery and improvemet Environmental Project

On February 5, 2016, MIRA USA participated in an environmental improvement and beautification project at the Independence Heights community was held in Houston, Texas. The goal of the project is to provide a space where it will be possible to renovate, transform, preserve and recover the green zones for its beautification. This project is for the inhabitants of the community which is of great importance and value for its historical part since we want to recognize this locality as the first African American city in Houston.

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Those who partook in the project were Tanya Debos director at Indepence Heights, Juanita Jiménez assistant director, and The MIRA USA Organization.

For the development of the activity, MIRAUSA elaborated a plan of work in two important phases, the first to look for donors of tree species, as well as funds, and a second phase was the execution of the work. The implementation involved planting furrows, selecting the species according to the physical and chemical conditions of the ground, trails adopted, and cleaned the designated space.

It is worth mentioning the significant contribution of MIRAUSA and each of its volunteers, who with great enthusiasm and commitment helped to make it possible.

The project concluded with great satisfaction, and a huge thank you from the directives and the inhabitants of the community, towards the MIRAUSA organization.