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Published on 13 December 2016

An evening of celebration in the MIRA USA Gala Dinner

Astoria World Manor Queens, NY - Upon a lavish gala dinner attended by about one thousand people between sponsors and volunteers. The nonprofit organization, MIRA USA in New York, hosted its First Gala Dinner on December 2, 2016, for fundraising of funds destined to the improvement of services offered to the impoverished immigrant population.

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Carlos Alberto Baena Global Ambassador of Miraism® International stimulated interest in assistants of different nationalities by emphasizing the significance and importance of the organization to work on Human Rights, Sustainable Human Development and Coexistence with Respect, which is necessary bulwarks to achieve societies to shift into harmonic communities.

The organizers of the event surprised their volunteers who are considered the "soul of the organization" with the award of the "Golden Ant." Honored in categories of elderly adults, blue-hearted young people, Compromised Miraist Family, NY 2016 Golden Ant and a team of golden volunteers, who stood out this year for their dedication, support, and commitment as a way to practice their motto "Helping Moves Us."

As it is common from those who serve and do things with love, the night was splendorous and festooned with festivity and delight. Including presentations of singer Deybis Urrego, winner in Colombia of the television program "YO ME LLAMO" with the impression of Vicente Fernandez, Also the jazz vocalist Dorian Devis with her band and the flamenco group Romerias with Amilia Hernández.

María Clara Mur, national director of the organization, thanked the following firms: Patino Eye Care, Hampton Smart Homes, Nunez Dental, La Guardia Community College, Multilingual Group Inc and Primerica, among others. Acknowledging their contribution allowing for the aid work to reach mothers head of a family, young people and immigrants in general.

Attendees also received gifts, gifts donated by the various sponsors who joined the cause of MIRA USA, of continuous social work to provide tools to the most vulnerable immigrant in the United States to improve their quality of life.

MIRA USA New York appreciates the valuable support of the following sponsors:


Pollos Mario de Astoria
Met Fresh Supermarket en Steinway - Astoria
Corona Metal
Sentinel Solutions-Moab Builder
Cumbia y Sabor
Café Ole  Restaurant Corp
CS Safety Specialist
Renovation 21
B and M syters Skin Care
Mama's Empanadas y algo más
La Pequena Colombia
MS Nestorov  DDS PLLC
Adri Multiservice
Associated Supermarket
American Red Cross
Growing Greener
Prints Lab
Ivanova Law Office, P.C.
Angela's Hair Studio & Spa

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Published on 29 November 2016

MIRA USA Sponsors the first Communication Fair: Radio and Television in New York

New York - On October 23, 2016, MIRA USA sponsored the event: "1st Fair of Communication: Radio and Television", which aimed to introduce and encourage the Latino population in the new era of communications, speech, and programming of drones. 

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At the event, celebrities from the New York media outlets were present and awards, raffles, contests and gifts were given to attendees.

MIRA USA is promoting communication.

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Published on 10 August 2016

The New York Yankees acknowledged the Red Cross and partner organizations like MIRA USA.

The American Red Cross, made a public recognition to MIRA USA on Saturday, August 6, 2016, at Yankee Stadium in New York City during the Yankees game vs. Cleveland Indians.

The baseball team rewarded the MIRAISTAS for the performance and collaboration in the activities towards the benefit of the community.

MIRA USA has worked vigorously with the American Red Cross in events of "Saving Lives", helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy and the NY Marathon among others to inform and install communities with a fire alarm system, Insuring residents to be safe.


MIRA USA with outstretched always to help the community hands.

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Published on 25 July 2016

MIRA USA took part in the III Fair Services of the Colombian Consulate in New York.

New York -MIRA USA participated in the "III Fair Services of the Colombian Consulate" on July 16 and 17. The event took place at the Guardia Community College aimed at informing Colombians about services that may be accessible to them despite living far from their country.

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Several Colombian entities showed up to offer their services to the community of Colombians living in the New York tri-state.

MIRA USA supported the Consulate event having 22 Miraistas volunteer.  MIRA USA also provided a booth to inform and familiarize people with the activities the organization offers to more than 100 Colombians and other nationalities, making them feel that MIRA USA is an innovative option, full of values and principles.

During the event the House Representative for Colombians Abroad, Dr. Ana Paola Agudelo made an appearance meeting and communicating with the attendees.

MIRA USA is always supporting immigrants living in the United States.