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Published on 02 November 2016

A citizenship workshop takes place in the city of Orlando.

Orlando, FL - MIRA USA conducted a citizenship workshop titled "Lose the fear of taking the citizenship test," offered at the public library Buenaventura Lakes Library. The event held to help residents of Orlando-Kissimmee to lose the fear of taking this significant step to consolidate their immigration status in the United States since many show that fear is one of the main reasons to abstain from it.

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MIRA USA had the opportunity to serve their community through this workshop, in which several Hispanic residents who are in the process of applying for citizenship or are awaiting benefited with the interview. It was a workshop of 4 hours, from 10 am to 2 pm. During this time, volunteers explained to the community what to expect the day of the interview, how they should present themselves, which documents to bring, and what are the requirements to meet to begin this process.

Volunteers, Angela Trujillo MIRA USA in Tampa and Julio Londoño who is an immigration paralegal and volunteer MIRA USA attended the event. Angela Trujillo informed all the participants about all the requirements to qualify as a candidate for the US citizenship, as well as how one could be exempt from taking the exam in English and be able to take the test their native language. After that, Julio Londono was answering questions and concerns that participants had, to which he could respond precisely based on their work experience. Students also shared their personal experiences in previous interviews, which was a great contribution for attendees

In the afternoon, they were organized into groups of four with the bilingual volunteers and began to review the questions on the form N-400 so they could hear the questions in English. Consecutively, they discussed the 100 civics questions in a more dynamic way, using cards with questions and answers in English. At the end of this activity, attendees had the opportunity to do a mock interview with a pretend immigration officer that made them feel as if in the real interview and to know what happens in the actual interview. The workshop concluded with the oath of the flag and the national anthem of the United States.

Upon completion of the event, participants happily shared their experiences lived during the workshop. Explaining how it helped them change the perspective and expressed their desire to repeat the workshop. Which MIRA USA in Orlando will conduct the same citizenship workshop soon, so that more people can lose the fear of taking the citizenship test.  

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Published on 10 October 2013

Ecological Day in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. - On Saturday, October 5th Miraists in Orlando, FL continued their contribution to the environment, cleaning two miles of Semoran Blvd, (near Orlando International Airport) via the Adopt-A-Highway program which began in January 2013 and is held every three months.

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Published on 24 September 2013

A Year of Helping Immigrants Lose Fear of Taking Citizenship Test in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – The mission that began a year ago to train immigrants on how to submit file their citizenship tests successfully reached a milestone on Sept. 14 when a series of eight workshops in the Dover Shores Community Center was completed.

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More than 100 people, over the first year have lost the fear of taking the U.S. citizenship test, with the support and tools that the MIRA USA volunteers have given them, such as informational videos, group work, reviewing citizenship test questions and a simulation of the interview itself.

According to many participants, the seminars and the support they received from MIRA USA, was key to pass the citizenship test and thus obtain their U.S. citizenship.

Because of the success experienced, seminars will be extended to a second season occurring every six weeks to support the community of Orlando and Kissimmee.

"We greatly appreciate the support of the City of Orlando and the Buenaventura Lakes Public Library in Kissimmee for lending their facilities to carry out this work," says Jacqueline Atoy, local director for MIRA USA, "and all the volunteers who make the difference in each person. "

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Published on 13 August 2013

Great Celebration Colombian Independence in Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. – To the sound of music, traditional dances, native costumes and delicious Colombian Cuisine, the first cultural festival, "Colombia With You" took place on Sunday, July 28th in the city of Orlando. Hundreds of people gathered and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with their families. This celebration captivated both adults and children with its enriched cultural program.

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