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Published on 13 September 2013

Health and Occupational Safety Seminar was Offered in Paterson

Paterson, NJ- In order to continue empowering the community, a Health and Safety in the Workplace seminar was conducted by safety specialists from the New Labor organization. A certificate of completion was provided to all course attendees.

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Speakers Brayan Nelson and Olga Morales provided important information to the attendees with an entertaining mixture of joy, excitement and a good dose of humor.  Attendees were trained on such vital issues as their employee rights, duties, tools used in enforcing these rights, and clear steps to take when these rights are violated.

A second seminar was presented immediately after the first and included specific and key information on the defense of immigrant employees.  Attendees were also trained on additional topics such as emergency response and safe lifting and carrying techniques used during physical work. This was supported by Rutgers University through its Occupational Training Program and Education Consortium (OTEC) along with the New Labor organization.  

The seminars were held at the Boys and Girls Club in Paterson, NJ.  The seminars were free of charge to all attendees and included the training manual titled The Health and Safety of the Warehouse Worker and Agency Worker.


Category: Paterson, NJ
Published on 05 August 2013

Miraists Celebrate Colombian Independence With Environmental Activity in Paterson

PATERSON, N.J. – During the sunny morning of July 27, MIRA USA and the Colombian community of Paterson, celebrated with great enthusiasm the independence of Colombia, through a symbolic act, in which the organization adopted the park known as “Colombia Park”.

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More than 150 people gathered to celebrate the 203 years of Colombian independence, and to hoist the Colombian flag, which was done by MIRA USA’s national director of Community Services, Jorge Munoz.

In addition to the Miraists – who attended from various branches from the states of New York and New Jersey – the event had the participation of Paterson Mayor, Jeffrey Jones, who during his speech thanked and congratulated MIRA USA for its contribution, which can be seen not only with the park’s restoration, but all throughout the city with its community work.

The park adopted by MIRA USA was in conditions that made it difficult for the local community to enjoy the area. Therefore, the Miraists of Paterson worked on restoring the park with the support of Home Depot, who donated all the building materials to perform such task.

Home Depot’s general manager, Fitni Strefi, also attended the event, which was of great significance and provided a major benefit to Paterson’s community.