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Published on 10 May 2017

MIRA USA held a workshop on traffic accidents and employee rights in Washington D.C.

Washington, DC - Last Saturday, April 22, MIRA USA held a workshop on traffic accident and labor rights in Washington D.C. The workshop conducted by attorney Crystallis B. Chan of Malouf & Associates attorneys at law was carried out in the Mount. Pleasant Neighborhood Library where about 25 people benefited. During the workshop, the participants were informed about benefits, compensation, and proceedings in a work-related accident. Also, the attendees had the opportunity to ask their questions and receive advice from the lawyer on particular matters.

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Published on 09 December 2016

An informational workshop takes place in Maryland.

Maryland - On November 19, 2016, MIRA USA conducted the Driver Licensing Information Workshop with the participation of professionals in the areas of Driver Licenses, Taxes, ITIN number. The workshop helped attendees to resolve their doubts and remove their fears related to the issues of Condition ID Tax ID and ITIN Number. 

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Also, the seminar explained all the legal considerations of each of the states and the requirements to acquire any of these documents. Another point narrated was the step by step of how to open your own business, and how to undertake your goals without fear and under all the parameters of the law.

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Published on 14 November 2016

Miraists engaged in an environmental day and received an Acknowledgment.

Washington D.C.- On October 22, 2016, Volunteers MIRA USA and Potomac Conservancy gathered at the River Center in Maryland.  Volunteers were present for one of the days that Potomac Conservancy organized during the fall.

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About 35 volunteers including 23 MIRA USA participated in the day collecting waste on the trails of the Potomac River and removing invasive plants. The work is a large environmental impact for the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.


The participation of the volunteer from MIRA USA earned an acknowledgment at the end of the activity. MIRA USA recognized with an award for its"Exemplary Service" bestowed by Potomac Conservancy MIRA USA in appreciation for the work Miraists have provided to this entity for more than three years.

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Published on 28 September 2016

MIRA USA participates in the Parade of Nations 2016 the most important Latin celebration and the Latino Festival 2016 in the Nation's Capital Washington DC.

Washington, D.C. - MIRA USA participated in the "Parade of Nations 2016" supporting the Latino community, waving flags of different countries showing their diversity and inclusion of Latino culture. The parade took place in the center of the capital on Constitution Ave on street 7th and 14th in Washington DC. The street has more than 44 years of supporting Latino culture. The Miraists among young people, children, and adults, as well as different entities gathered in the parade wearing their shirts or their costumes of the countries they represented. The event featured various cultural shows, folk groups, dance, music, representative symbols, banners and presentations of local artists to demonstrate their support for the Latino community and the importance of preserving their culture.

The next day on September 18 MIRA USA participated in the Latino festival in Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC. The Miraists, the Latino community, and attendees enjoyed live performances, vendors, and exhibits of different foods. The festival allowed MIRA USA as well as many other entities and small traders to recognize the Hispanic community in the Washington DC metropolitan area, which includes the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland.

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