MIRA USA conducted a workshop to lose the fear of the citizenship test

Royal Palm Beach, Florida - A group of Miraistas gathered at Royal Palm Beach for a free workshop titled "Lose the Fear of Citizenship," organized by MIRA USA. The workshop took place on January 14, 2017, in the Royal Palm Beach Library. 

Click here to see pictures of the event.

The first segment discussed the requirements to apply for US citizenship, And an immigration lawyer, Madel Bermudez attended the workshop. Bermudez provided useful guidelines and advice to the audience to avoid problems and delays starting with the N-400 application process until becoming a US citizen.  The lawyer as well answered questions from the public.

Participants also had time to practice in English the questions on the N-400 form and the 100 civics questions to feel more secure during the interview.

In the end, each participant had the opportunity to do a simulation of the citizenship interview with a volunteer who served as a USCIS officer to lose their fear of the interview.

The workshop culminated with the singing of the national anthem and the swearing-in of loyalty as in a real naturalization ceremony. The participants expressed their appreciation for being able to be part of this workshop, as it provided them with information and experiences that left them fully prepared for a successful naturalization process.

This type of activity is one of MIRA USA's efforts to improve the quality of life of immigrants in the USA.