MIRA USA offers a free workshop to lose the fear of the citizenship exam.

Coral Springs, Florida - A group of Miraist gathered at the Northwest Regional Library on the afternoon of March 11 to hold a free workshop titled "Lose the Fear of taking the Citizenship exam."

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A group of approximately 20 participants benefited from this activity, with the participation of immigration officers Elizabeth Cafati and César Mejía. The officers explained the requirements, advantages, and duties of the naturalization process and the status of the citizen and To offer useful tips to be successful throughout the process by accessing this benefit.

Participants also had the opportunity to practice the questions on the N-400 citizenship form and the 100 civic questions, followed by a mock interview with immigration officials and Mirai volunteers.

During the workshop, the beneficiaries were able to dispel myths, fears and obtain useful information to pass the citizenship test. This free workshop is one of the many efforts MIRA USA regularly makes for the benefit of the community in the United States.