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Published on 01 February 2017

MIRA USA held a Tax Seminar in Tampa, Fl

Tampa, FL - Last Saturday, January 28th, Miraists in the city of Tampa held a seminar to inform the Latino community about taxes.

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With an attendance of more than 30 people, the workshop began promptly at 2 p.m. at the Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library, with the presence of the accounting firm Tax Care Tampa.

Carmelo Arroyo a former Sales and Use Tax Auditor of the Florida Department of Revenue presented on the different types of taxes.  Also on how to identify a good tax preparer, duties, and rights of the taxpayer and benefits of paying taxes. Arroyo explained how to make proper deductions, the importance of being incorporated for small and medium sized businesses, among other topics. 

The attendees had the opportunity to clarify questions and concerns in a Q&A session. Likewise, Tax Care Tampa gave away one free tax return and two 50 percent off tax returns. 

With the satisfaction of having provided this valuable information and benefit to the Latino Community in the Tampa Bay area, the seminar concluded at 4 p.m. among happy and grateful faces with our organization. 

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Published on 09 December 2016

A Citizenship Workshop Held in the City of Tampa benefited many people.

Tampa, FL - Last Saturday, December 3rd, MIRA USA held its final citizenship workshop in 2016 in the city of Tampa. Including an attendance of 35 people, 11 volunteers from MIRA USA, and attorney Jorge Rivera from Rivera Picado Law, the three-hour workshop at the Town and Country Library began promptly at 2:00 p.m.

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The workshop began with a presentation about eligibility requirements and the naturalization process. Then, an introduction to our organization was given to show the work that has been done for the immigrant community in the United States, and to highlight the values of Miraism which are the ones that move us to help and serve others. It then when Mr. Rudy Prieto, who had attended the workshop held in Tampa in September, got up with his naturalization certificate to give his testimony because thanks to MIRA USA he became a citizen two days ago.

After the testimony and in the midst of much emotion and applause, the lawyer Jorge Rivera began his speech highlighting the importance of initiating the naturalization process before migratory rates increase. He also explained the level of English needed to pass the exam and gave several examples of how to hold a basic conversation with immigration officials. Finally, he answered the questions of the attendees and clarified doubts about legal terms and how to fill out the N-400 form. 

After a brief break, the N-400 practice began, where bilingual volunteers studied the questions with a group of residents and helped them hold a conversation in English so they could pass the examination with the immigration officer. Likewise, they studied the 100 civic questions, giving attendees the chance to read, respond and write the answers to practice the reading and writing tests. 

Once each participant had the opportunity to study and practice the exams, we gave way to the simulation of the interview with MIRA USA volunteers. These interviews allowed the attendees to lose the fear of speaking English and to live the experience before going to their official appointment in the immigration office.

After having the whole workshop experience, the attendees felt much calmer and confident. Concluding with a simulation of the oath ceremony where they sang the national anthem of the United States and repeated the oath of allegiance. Enthusiastic and more confident, they thanked the organization MIRA USA because the workshops have become a great aid in their process of becoming citizens of this nation.

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Published on 13 September 2016

A successful citizenship workshop takes place in the city of Tampa.

Tampa, Florida - With the presence of more than 60 permanent residents, the third citizenship workshop of this year took place in Tampa. Accompanied by immigration officers Donald Jarrell and Maria Rodriguez, and lawyer Jorge Rivera, of Rivera Picado Law firm, the Miraists met the objective to help the residents lose the fear of taking the citizenship exam.

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The event began at 2:00 PM in Town n 'Country Library and lasted just over 3 hours. The immigration officers conducted the presentation of the naturalization process, who with examples and anecdotes gave a very thorough explanation of the eligibility requirements. Also demonstrating how to fill out the application N-400, a definition of the continuous presence and statutory period, exceptions to take the test in their native language, the importance of bringing all documents required the day of the interview and many other topics.

Gabriela Schaefer, who had attended the workshop held in June 2016, publicly thanked MIRA USA, claiming the seminar helped her lose the fear and allow her to pass the naturalization exam and now is a United States citizen.

Attorney Jorge Rivera, who specializes in immigration law, clarified doubts about the test and delved into the laws that protect the naturalization process. Similarly, he offered recommendations and study tips to prepare for the exam and interview and talked about the importance of using the tools and resources provided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to prepare better.

After a short recess, where attendees had the opportunity to make their questions to the lawyer and immigration officers, we initiated the practices of the N-400 application and the 100 civics questions with our bilingual volunteers. In this period, the participants not only practiced the application content and topics but also listening, reading and writing skills in English

After practicing all components of the test, the participants went on to the mock interview. With the support of the immigration officers and volunteers of MIRA USA,  they had a real experience, which helped them to overcome the anxiety about the unknown and to lose the fear of taking this important step in their lives, giving them the security and confidence they need for their official interview.

With smiling faces and full of confidence, this successful citizenship workshop culminated. In the coming weeks, many participants will be attending the interview, knowing what to expect and how to deal with this important appointment. The workshop "Lose the fear of taking the citizenship exam with MIRA USA" once again met its goal to educate, prepare and give confidence to permanent residents who soon will become American citizens.

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Published on 06 June 2016

MIRA USA conducts workshop to lose the fear of taking the citizenship exam


Tampa, FL - A group of about 50 permanent residents seeking to obtain their American citizenship, gathered to lose their fear of taking the citizenship exam on Saturday, June 4, 2016, in the Jimmie B Keel library in the city of Tampa, Florida.

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Excited to have an exposure to the interview prior to having their actual appointment with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), participants arrived at the workshop that began promptly at 2:00 PM.

The workshop began taking a look at the eligibility requirements, application for naturalization, interview and oath ceremony. In this segment of the workshop, an American volunteer of MIRA USA conducted a mock oath in order to explain the significance of this ceremony and practice the same with the participants.

Then attorney Jorge Rivera of Rivera Picado Law firm made a presentation about the N-400 application, including recommendations to better prepare for the oral examination. Thus, the lawyer gave an overview of the laws that allow people over 60 years to take the exam in their native language when they have been permanent residents for more than 15 years. In the same segment, the lawyer offered free consultations to all workshop attendees to address their concerns about the naturalization process.

After a short break, the workshop continued practicing the questions of the N-400 form and the 100 civics questions. MIRA USA bilingual volunteers gathered in groups of 5 people to study the questions, giving each participant the opportunity to practice questions in English and thus give them the confidence they need to pass the oral and civics exam.

After 30 minutes of practice, students continued to their one-to-one interview. In order to make a complete mock interview, this included the oath, reviewing the N-400 application, civics exam and reading and writing examinations. The reaction of the participants after completing their interview was a resounding Thank you! "Thank you MIRA USA because this workshop indeed helps to lose the fear". "Thank you because I feel more confident and prepared to take the exam." "Thank you because I know what I need and have to study more to pass the citizenship test." These were some of the reactions of the participants, who were very happy and confident thanks to MIRA USA's citizenship workshop.

The workshop ended with happy faces and waving flags, with emotion as they watched a video of the naturalization ceremony. Among applause and smiles, they all sang the song "God Bless the USA" of the Artist Lee Greenwood and thanked MIRA USA for being the only organization to offer these citizenship workshops in the United States.