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Published on 29 June 2017

A workshop to lose the fear of taking the citizenship test held in Tampa

Tampa, FL - Last Saturday, June 24, 2017, the second workshop "Lose the Fear of taking the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA" held in Tampa. About 60 people met to receive information about the requirements, the naturalization process, the interview, and the oath ceremony; as well as to practice the N-400 form and the 100 civics questions with bilingual volunteers and then to do the mock interviews to lose the fear of taking the test.

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With great enthusiasm and expectation, we started the workshop with a short presentation of our organization and showing the work we have done over the five years of existence. All the participants were very excited after seeing our institutional video and learning more about the work we do for the immigrant community in the United States. 

Mrs. Irma Lopez, who attended the citizenship workshop held in March 2017, returned but this time to share her testimony about how the workshop helped her pass the exams. "I had been preparing for the exam, and I thought I was ready, but when I came to the seminar I realized that I was deficient in some areas," she said. "When I came here, it was two weeks from my interview, and I had focused more on the questions; I had memorized all 100 civics questions, but I had forgotten the N-400 form," Lopez said.

It was during the mock interview that she realized that her listening skills were failing and that she did not understand some questions on the form. "It helped me a lot to have come here because if it had not been for this, I think maybe I would have failed my interview," she concluded.

Due to the need of having more time to do the mock interviews, this time we divided the workshop into two sections, separating in a room the participants who were to receive information about the naturalization process and in the other room those who were already preparing for the interview. That's how we had more time to practice the N-400 form and the 100 civics questions and gave students the opportunity to practice listening, speaking and writing in English to prepare for their interview.

Once the presentation about the naturalization process, the general eligibility requirements, the interview and the oath ceremony concluded by USCIS agents Don Jarrell and Claudio Wedderburn. Students who had been practicing the exams with our bilingual volunteers did the mock interviews to lose the fear and to identify the areas in which they should prepare better or reinforce before going to the appointment in the immigration office. 

With the satisfaction of having assisted so that the participants could solve their questions, dissipate their concerns, clarify myths and disinformation. As well as practice the interview from beginning to end and in English with our bilingual volunteers, we concluded another successful workshop in which all people without exception thanked MIRA USA and its volunteers for contributing to their dream of becoming United States citizens.

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Published on 09 June 2017

MIRA USA held an Immigration Conference in Tampa, Fl.

Tampa, FL - On Monday, June 5 at the Healthy Families offices in Tampa, MIRA USA held an immigration conference to raise awareness about the recent changes in the immigration system our country is facing.

The Healthy Families program is funded by the Children's Board and works with the community by visiting the homes of the participants and teaching about child brain development and physical development. They work with mothers in the prenatal state and mothers who have children under three months. The program is a five-year program where they go to the homes and teach the participants about the children and the activities they can do during their growth, as well as connect them with the resources available in the community.

Due to the population they serve and the service they provide, they work with many immigrant families whose children are born in the United States and have many questions about immigration, especially today that there have been so many changes in the immigration system. That is why they contacted MIRA USA to organize a conference where all their questions could be answered and thus provide the information to the more than 300 families that are part of the program. 

The Attorney Jorge Rivera of the firm Rivera Picado Law was the speaker in this seminar that lasted for an hour and a half. The audience comprised of 15 social workers from the Healthy Families offices in Tampa and Brandon. They shared the questions, concerns, fears, and situations they hear every day so that they can bring answers and encouragement to these mothers who are being affected by not having their immigration status resolved.

It was thus that the participants could ask questions, take notes, clarify doubts, clear myths and know what rights, alternatives, and solutions are available so that these families are not separated, and instead they can resolve their migratory situation satisfactorily.

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Published on 25 April 2017

Embellishing Copeland Park in Tampa

Tampa, Florida - On April 22, 2017, as part of the Earth Day celebration Miraists in the city of Tampa, gathered to embellish Copeland Park.More than 100 MIRA USA volunteers from the cities of Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, Kissimmee, Ocala, Poinciana, Deltona and Lake Mary gathered at 8 am to kick off the activity, which was carried out with the support of Keeping Tampa Bay Beautiful and Telemundo Tampa.

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Miraists of all ages were divided into groups to remove litter along the territory of the park that boasts an extensive system of both asphalt and nature trails. The exercise/fitness trail traverses through natural wooded areas and across boardwalks through wetlands. The asphalt trail is approximately one mile in length.

Also, volunteers embellished the entrance of the park by removing the dead plants from the ground and removing the accumulated soil to leave the entry of the park clean and ready to plant other plants.

Similarly, another group of volunteers cleaned the playground area and embellished it with florid bark so children can feel comfortable and enjoy playing with their family and friends.

They also beautified the trails and sides of the park by clearing the ground to release the weeds and organizing the roads so that people do not fall when they walk on the asphalt. 

Finally, the children and young Miraists had the opportunity to plant a tree in the garden of the park. This tree is symbolic because it can give oxygen to up to 10 people for a year, and it is also the grain of sand that MIRA USA contributed in the city of Tampa to protect our mother earth.

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Published on 04 April 2017

Numerous permanent residents benefit from the MIRA USA citizenship workshop in Tampa

Tampa, Florida - An increasing number of permanent residents are benefiting from the seminar: "Lose the Fear of Taking the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA." This time in the city of Tampa, almost 100 people attended this workshop on Saturday, March 25 at the Town 'N Country Library.

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With the excitement and at the same time anxious to present their exam as soon as Tuesday, March 28, participants attended this important event to lose their fear and gain the confidence necessary to participate in the interview and pass the naturalization exam.

For those who are just starting the process, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Officer Donald Jarrell, gave the presentation about the naturalization process, including eligibility requirements, the application, the interview and the ceremony.

After his introduction, attorney Jorge Rivera of Rivera Picado Law spoke about the importance of completing the application correctly and advised to comply with all requirements before sending the request not to lose the money.

Participants who already have their appointment for the interview, stayed to practice the N-400 application and the 100 civic questions with the bilingual volunteers of MIRA USA. In groups of 6 to 8 people and in a very educational way, the participants practiced all the issues of the application in English as preparation for the mock interview. After this practice, they had the opportunity to do the mock interview to lose their fear and have more security at the time of their actual interview with an immigration officer.

There is no doubt that this workshop has been a bridge to help all people who are in their naturalization process. Not only for those who already have their interview scheduled, but also for those who want to start the process and don't know how.

According to the participants, this workshop gives them the tools they need to complete their process successfully. A particular case is that of Esperanza Arias, who attended the seminar that took place in September 2016 and has already fulfilled her goal of becoming a US citizen. Pilar Hanes, a journalist for the news magazine Mundo Hispanico, recorded her testimony in her interview for the news program in Tampa.Hanes attended the workshop to do a complete report and see the benefit that MIRA USA is providing to this growing community in the United States.

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