MIRA USA held an Immigration Conference in Tampa, Fl.

Tampa, FL - On Monday, June 5 at the Healthy Families offices in Tampa, MIRA USA held an immigration conference to raise awareness about the recent changes in the immigration system our country is facing.

The Healthy Families program is funded by the Children's Board and works with the community by visiting the homes of the participants and teaching about child brain development and physical development. They work with mothers in the prenatal state and mothers who have children under three months. The program is a five-year program where they go to the homes and teach the participants about the children and the activities they can do during their growth, as well as connect them with the resources available in the community.

Due to the population they serve and the service they provide, they work with many immigrant families whose children are born in the United States and have many questions about immigration, especially today that there have been so many changes in the immigration system. That is why they contacted MIRA USA to organize a conference where all their questions could be answered and thus provide the information to the more than 300 families that are part of the program. 

The Attorney Jorge Rivera of the firm Rivera Picado Law was the speaker in this seminar that lasted for an hour and a half. The audience comprised of 15 social workers from the Healthy Families offices in Tampa and Brandon. They shared the questions, concerns, fears, and situations they hear every day so that they can bring answers and encouragement to these mothers who are being affected by not having their immigration status resolved.

It was thus that the participants could ask questions, take notes, clarify doubts, clear myths and know what rights, alternatives, and solutions are available so that these families are not separated, and instead they can resolve their migratory situation satisfactorily.