A workshop to lose the fear of taking the citizenship test held in Tampa

Tampa, FL - Last Saturday, June 24, 2017, the second workshop "Lose the Fear of taking the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA" held in Tampa. About 60 people met to receive information about the requirements, the naturalization process, the interview, and the oath ceremony; as well as to practice the N-400 form and the 100 civics questions with bilingual volunteers and then to do the mock interviews to lose the fear of taking the test.

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With great enthusiasm and expectation, we started the workshop with a short presentation of our organization and showing the work we have done over the five years of existence. All the participants were very excited after seeing our institutional video and learning more about the work we do for the immigrant community in the United States. 

Mrs. Irma Lopez, who attended the citizenship workshop held in March 2017, returned but this time to share her testimony about how the workshop helped her pass the exams. "I had been preparing for the exam, and I thought I was ready, but when I came to the seminar I realized that I was deficient in some areas," she said. "When I came here, it was two weeks from my interview, and I had focused more on the questions; I had memorized all 100 civics questions, but I had forgotten the N-400 form," Lopez said.

It was during the mock interview that she realized that her listening skills were failing and that she did not understand some questions on the form. "It helped me a lot to have come here because if it had not been for this, I think maybe I would have failed my interview," she concluded.

Due to the need of having more time to do the mock interviews, this time we divided the workshop into two sections, separating in a room the participants who were to receive information about the naturalization process and in the other room those who were already preparing for the interview. That's how we had more time to practice the N-400 form and the 100 civics questions and gave students the opportunity to practice listening, speaking and writing in English to prepare for their interview.

Once the presentation about the naturalization process, the general eligibility requirements, the interview and the oath ceremony concluded by USCIS agents Don Jarrell and Claudio Wedderburn. Students who had been practicing the exams with our bilingual volunteers did the mock interviews to lose the fear and to identify the areas in which they should prepare better or reinforce before going to the appointment in the immigration office. 

With the satisfaction of having assisted so that the participants could solve their questions, dissipate their concerns, clarify myths and disinformation. As well as practice the interview from beginning to end and in English with our bilingual volunteers, we concluded another successful workshop in which all people without exception thanked MIRA USA and its volunteers for contributing to their dream of becoming United States citizens.