Our Financial Education Program seeks to promote the financial stability of immigrants in the United States. The more knowledge people have about credit and banking, the better decisions they will make regarding money matters, saving money, and improving their financial condition and well-being. The program seeks to help individuals acquire financial literacy, develop financial confidence, and use banking services effectively.

Personal Finance

Our personal finance workshops seek to help people in the community with little or no experience in banking and credit, basic concepts of how to manage their money, homebuyer education, and taxes.

Job search tools

Throughout this workshop series we offer information and training on necessary tools for an effective job search. Some of the workshops include topics such as learning the fundamental of building a resume and how to prepare for a job interview, salary negotiation strategies, and the use of social networks for job search.

Small and Medium Business and Women’s Entrepreneurship Finance and Development

This program provides basic information on the financial aspects of running a business to small and medium business owners or women entrepreneurs who want to start one. Topics include how to create a business plan, structure of different businesses, banking concepts, planning and tax filing, digital tools and marketing.

Total of people benefited across all our programs throughout the years of our service.
Total of people benefited by this program in 2023.


Thank you to the Immigrant Community for trusting and believing in our work.