Our Global Alliance program seeks to establish alliances with national and international organizations on issues relevant to communities, with the aim of sharing knowledge, programs and resources with these entities.

In alliance with the American Red Cross, we developed our "Saving Lives" program where our MIRA USA® volunteers are trained in disaster care and prevention methods. Also, they participate in fire alarm installation sessions throughout the country, saving thousands of lives.

Saving Lives 

Total of people benefited across all our programs throughout the years of our service.
Total families benefited by this program in 2023.

Religious Freedom 

In connection with the Religious Liberty Research Center, our objective is to understand the research and work that the United States is carrying out regarding this topic. These initiatives create a space to expose the work Colombia is doing with regards to religious freedom, give their efforts exposure, and expand their case in Latin America.


Thank you to the Immigrant Community for trusting and believing in our Work.