Our Immigration Assistance Program offers free educational workshops where participants have the opportunity of acquiring knowledge on different topics that lead them to better connections in their community environment and provide them with a better quality of life.

Overcome your Fear of the Citizenship Test

This workshop is held in conjunction with individuals who are specialized in the U.S. Citizenship Process. We help permanent U.S. Residents overcome their fears related to taking the citizenship test and prepare them by practicing citizenship exam questions, and having mock interviews. The beneficiaries receive material that allow them to acquire knowledge and security to continue their naturalization process.

Civics and Immigrations

These series of workshops focus on United States immigration laws. Attendees obtain important information on law changes, voter education, census information, United States history, and topics such as DACA, TPS, and others. The workshops facilitates the integration of immigrants in their new communities.

Total of people benefited across all our programs throughout our years service.
Total of people benefited by this program in 2023.


Thank you to the Immigrant Community for trusting and believing in our Work.