Let’s build opportunities with the FTA between Colombia and USA.

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The Expo-Conference “Let’s build opportunities with the FTA between Colombia and the United States” is an event organized by MIRA USA with the academic support of Sergio Arboleda University’s PRIME BUSINESS SCHOOL from Bogota (Colombia), a year after the Agreement came into full effect. The Expo-Conference will offer support to entrepreneurs, businesspeople, professionals and students interested to know the markets of each country.
It will include Speakers with broad experience in government management, teaching and international trade, that will analyze who and which sectors have made the most of the FTA during its first year of its implementation, as well as talking about business opportunities not only with goods but also in the service area.


Commerce must become a tool to improve the quality of life of individuals and a State.

Currently every country is part of a commerce globalization process, and within this process it is vital to obtain the knowledge in order to reach the goals and make the most out of the links in the logistic chain of the import and export of goods and services, to understand how to get the most out of the FTA.

The difference in the economic and commercial scales of both countries, require a tactical approach in the negotiations. In order to build we must know the guidelines of the agreement.

In addition, it is necessary to explain everything that pertains to export of services, which generates an interest in professionals who obtained their degrees in Colombia, by giving them the possibility to receive useful information to know how to take advantage of the FTA.

Master Conference Sessions
There are four Master Conference Sessions scheduled, that will provide fundamental information of the FTA and include a Q&A session, as well as the possibility of interact with the speakers after each session.

During the day, a total of five workshops will be carried out to receive training on specific topics of commerce. The goal is to provide real-life examples both to import and export goods and services. These workshops are open to the general public for free. We recommend that you register in advance to secure your spot.

The event includes a showroom or services fair directly related with the distribution chain in the import/export process of a product. The section of the event is open to the general public for free.


Carlos Ronderos
Former Minister of Commerce in Colombia. He was the president of the World Trade Center in Bogota and a member of the New York World Trade Centers Association’s Board of Directives. Presided the Andean Council of Ministers. He is an economist from the Rosario University in Bogota (Colombia) with Master’s and PhD from the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

Ramón Eduardo Guacaneme
Currently works as director of the Foreign Commerce Department at the Trade and Business Science School of the Sergio Arboleda University (Colombia); director of the Expoyme – Proexport Progamr of the Sergio Arboleda University. Attorney at Law from the Nacional University of Colombia; specialized in Tax Law from the Rosario University (Colombia).

Juan Carlos Rondon
Worked as the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism’s director of Regulations, and as a member of the negotiation team of the FTA Colombia–USA. Worked as a business consultant in the design of strategies to access new markets; specialist in Logistic Management from the Sergio Arboleda University (Colombia) and specialist in Financial and Stock Supervision from the Public Administration School (ESAP in its Spanish acronym).

Juan Pablo Ruiz – EPOPEYA Colombia
As the current director of the Leadership and Epopeya Mountain Colombia program, Mr. Ruiz has been recognized as a visionary with an outstanding ability to lead teams toward set goals. He has successfully lead three Colombian expeditions to Mount Everest. An economist with a Master’s degree in Economic Theory from the Andes University and Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from Yale University.

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