Thanks to MIRA USA More Residents Become US Citizens in Tampa

Tampa, FL – “Thanks to MIRA USA I have become a citizen”, said Mrs. Norma Ravelo on Jan. 26 upon completion of the latest edition of the seminar: “Citizenship Test Preparation” presented by MIRA USA.

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Mrs. Ravelo joined the group of over 30 people who have achieved their US citizen status as a result of what they learned during the seminars MIRA USA started hosting in early 2012 through early 2013.

According to attendees and those who have been benefited, the seminar’s success has been “overwhelming”. Many of them describe the sessions as “the best course to pass the citizenship test” and the results continue confirming the statement.

That is Mrs. Ravelo’s case, who, before attending the three editions of the workshops, had failed the citizenship test, but after receiving comprehensive training in the matter, was able to pass the test and was finally able to achieve her long-awaited dream of becoming naturalized.

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