Miraists Collaborate On Consular Days of Ecuador and Mexico

Miraists Collaborate On Consular Days of Ecuador and Mexico

The weekend of March 16 and 17 was busy for Miraists of Charlotte, N.C. who collaborated with the mobile offices of the Mexican Consulate and the Ecuadorian Consulate to attend the needs of these countries’ natives who reside in the Carolinas.

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On Saturday morning, the mobile Mexican Consulate arrived in Monroe, N.C. where Miraists gathered to help the consulate organize a massive consular activity that was attended by more than 1,300 people. Thanks to MIRA USA and other local organizations, the day was flawless.    

The event, which took place in the Agriculture Center in Union County, was organized by Gustavo Arevalo. Arevalo said that he will continue counting on miraists for their help with future activities.

Miraists also helped the Ecuadorian Consulate of Atlanta and of Charlotte, N.C. with various tasks on March 16 and 17 which helped quicken and organize the process for more than 200 Ecuadorians who received assistance with their consular procedures.

According to Aracelly Pacheco, organizer of the event and community leader in Charlotte, N.C., MIRA USA has become a trusted organization for her after having requested its volunteers to help with consular activities in 2012.