Miraists Join Global Day to Care for the Planet

Miraists Join Global Day to Care for the Planet

Tampa, Fl – On May 18 Miraists joined thousands of others on beaches in the U.S. and around the world to participate in the environmental day “Joining Hands Across the Sand”.

Click here to view pictures of the event.

The participants, dressed in blue shirts, gathered on Treasure Island, and held hands to say “no” to drilling the oceans and “yes” to their conservation and to renewable energy.

Miraists were among more than 200 volunteers from organizations such as Sierra Club and Surfrider Foundation, which helped clean the beaches that day as been done since 2010 when the environmentalist movement began in Florida.

Miraists took advantage of the day to inform the Pinellas County community, in which MIRA USA works in support of the immigrant community, and ensuring that the organizers of the activity offer their unconditional support to the work of Miraists.

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