A Day to Help Colombians Claim Their I.D Cards

SARASOTA, Fla. – Many Colombians have not been able to claim their Colombian identity card, which is why MIRA USA conducted an activity to facilitate the process to obtain them, on June 16 in Bradenton, Florida.

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On this day, Miraists filled out and notarized Powers of Attorney letters which were sent to the Colombian Consulate in Miami so that their identity documents could be mailed directly to their homes, which in turn will  prevent for the document to be returned to the Colombia’s Registrar General, due to the document not being claimed by the applicant.

To date, many people have been benefited from this activity made by MIRA USA in the State of Florida.

According to some opinions throughout this event, people have found the perfect bridge that develops as an opportunity to overcome the obstacle of misinformation and long distances, helping the Colombian community in topics of relevance such as this.