Miraists Voice Support to Immigration Reform in Charlotte

Miraists Voice Support to Immigration Reform in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC – Hundreds of demonstrators, among whom there were many Miraists, gathered last Thursday, June 20 in the Marshall Park area – all of them dressed in white and blue – to send Congress a message requesting support for the Immigration Reform Bill.

To see pictures of the event, click here.

This time around the weather served as a good “ally” of the event, where many speakers, among them young “Dreamers”, local politicians, religious leaders and activists joined their voices, as Senate is debating the Immigration Reform Bill, to ask for a path to the legalization of undocumented people.

MIRA USA showed its support to this initiative in Charlotte, just as it has done in other past massive events made during the year in Washington D.C., New Jersey and Florida.

The march was organized by the Latin American Coalition, the Charlotte group Familias Unidas, Action NC and the youth group United 4 the Dream.