Immigration Reform Workshop offered in Tampa

Immigration Reform Workshop offered in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla – Due to the lack of knowledge about the immigration reform by local immigrants, MIRA USA offered a learning workshop this past Saturday, August 24th, in Tampa.

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Many Hispanics gathered at the Town & Country Public Library installations in order to listen to two prestigious Attorneys/Experts in the subject, who provided and extensive explanation about the proposal, the implications as well as the consequences of such.

Jean Pierre Espinoza from Espinoza Law Offices, who practices law in Tampa Bay since 2008; and Jorge Rivera from Maney & Gordon law Offices, explained that despite the fact that the immigration reform still does not exist, it seems to be even closer to us as time passes.

It is also important to highlight that the attorneys affirmed that the immigration Reform project would not be an immediate path towards citizenship but more of a modification to the law, where only those who meet certain requirements could be eligible to regularize their immigration situation.

Many of the attendees took advantage of the opportunity of being in front of two remarkable and well known attorneys in the area; as they asked questions and clarified their doubts about their specific immigration statuses.

At the end of the Q&A Session, the attorneys met in an individual manner with each attendee and provided personalized information about each topic. The success of this workshop was truly noticeable, all attendees walked away from the library with the satisfaction of having found the answers to their questions as well as the bridge to access such valuable information thanks to MIRA USA.