Miami, Florida – From 11 to 13 September, a group of thirty Miraists participated in the third edition of COLOMBIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXPO 2015, which took place at the Miami Airport Convention Center. The event became a forum for many entrepreneurs, merchants, curious and interested people in the export potential of Colombia to the world. More than 100 companies exhibited their products and services in this international trade exhibition, which is attended by about six thousand people each year.


Some of the celebrities that attended the event included designers Carlos Arturo Zapata, Argemiro Sierra and Rosita Hurtado, Miss Colombia 2015 Ariadna Gutiérrez, and the governor of Caqueta Martha Liliana Agudelo.


This edition of COLOMBIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXPO 2015 served as a platform to promote the culture of the department of Quindio, Meta, the city of Manizales, the San Andres Island; of which crafts, music, clothing characteristic of these regions, etc., were presented.


The COLOMBIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXPO 2015 stood out as the “Commercial link of the Americas” after promoting products and services from a number of companies with ambitions to expand to the international market. Participating companies covered a variety of areas from food, drink, health, beauty, fashion and crafts to real estate, technology and tourism. Without doubt, the COLOMBIA INTERNATIONAL TRADE EXPO 2015 led to an ideal environment for entrepreneurs who were able to make connections and transactions reliably and efficiently.


MIRA USA volunteers helped with the reception of visitors, distribution of information, promotion, logistics, fashion, on the  Baranoa Banda’s show, control, security, as ushers and guides for activities, and other necessary work for a successful event. This effort is part of the purpose of MIRA USA of tending initiatives to develop programs and strategies which help the immigrant community in the United States.