Workshop Held to Lose Fear of the Naturalization Exam

Workshop Held to Lose Fear of the Naturalization Exam

Houston, TX – A group of Miraists held a seminar entitled “Lose the fear of taking the Naturalization Exam with MIRA USA” on November 14, 2015. Participants from various nationalities gathered at the Robinson-Westchase Library in a busy area of the city of Houston.

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The seminar’s objective was to prepare the participants and give them confidence needed for the moment of taking the citizenship test. To overcome the fear, the participants had the opportunity to review the N-400 form as well as practicing the civic/test questions with the help of bilingual MIRA USA volunteers.

Also, the immigration lawyer Hector M. Herrera, Jr., volunteered his time to answer questions and clarify any of the doubts and concerns which were raised by the participants.

MIRA USA once again carries on social work with the end result of improving the quality of life for immigrants within the United States.