Successful "Miraist Gala" is held in the Queen City

Successful "Miraist Gala" is held in the Queen City

Charlotte, NC – With great success the “Miraist Gala” was held on Saturday, January 30th in the city of Charlotte, which was attended by about 200 people who gathered in the Conference Center William R. Davie Park at the south of the city.

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The gathering which began at 6:30 pm and lasted until 9:30 pm, provided an opportunity to share and have a moment of leisure between volunteers and guests who enjoyed the various raffles, great music and a special dinner.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about MIRA USA and the work it is carrying out in the city of Charlotte, with the emotional presentation given by Martha Pulgarin, Branch Director, and Carolina Cortez.

More than 30 volunteers who participated in the organization, decoration and logistics of the event, put forth their desire, skills and creativity to place the name of MIRA USA on high and to show what it means to have a Miraist heart.


Attendees enjoyed the delicious dinner donated by businessman Ruben Granados, owner of restaurants “La Taquiza” y “Las Meras Tortas”.

The night had the romantic touch with the presentation of Daniel LeSolis, a young Mexican singer who captivated the audience with his voice and repertoire.

The most anticipated moment of the night came with the drawings of various prizes and surprises, from gift cards, dinners, haircuts, to a mattress with the base, which was the largest prize donated by Kimbrell’s Furniture.

The event closed with the words of Jonnatan Castañeda, Regional Director of the organization, who praised the work of the MIRA USA volunteers who exclaimed in unison “Live MIRA” to dismiss the evening.