MIRA USA Volunteers Attend  a Workshop On The Dimensions And Objectives Of Human Security

MIRA USA Volunteers Attend a Workshop On The Dimensions And Objectives Of Human Security

New York and South Florida – On April 22 and 23 a group of about 50 Miraistas met at different locations to attend the workshop entitled “Dimensions and objectives of human security” which was given by the President of the Association Miraismo International (AMI), Enrique Montes. The workshop served as an information outline to the MIRA USA volunteers on the work that the association has advanced and opportunities, which they can contribute as volunteers.


Mr. Enrique Montes summarized the achievements that the International Miraismo Association has had in the past, such as being a recommended with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) NGO consultative status special – United Nations. This consultative status allows access and voice in the councils, forums and high-level meetings held in the United Nations. In this context, he stressed the need to develop an action plan for the achievement of the goals consultative continue renewing. He also said that the achievements that have been carried out in partnerships complements the international Miraismo like as in Spain it currently exists, UK, Ecuador, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, and working groups in other countries have used this to obtain consultative status at the UN.

See photos of the event in New York here.

See photos of the event in South Florida here.

The AMI also formed a new entity called “The Freedom of Religion International Center” or FRICE, which will function as an observatory and information center, development of recommendations and publications on freedom of religion and belief. FRICE also be present at the conference, specialized international conferences on this issue as well as the accompanying AMI has done this in the past.

He also developed the themes of the working groups of the AMI and all the associations belonging to the AMI volunteer management system in the dimensions of human security action plan of the International Association Miraismo during the period 2015-2018; which they are human rights (including minority religious, ethnic, racial, or political, etc.), sustainable human development, peace building and coexistence with respect in priority interest groups; which they are migrants, women, and youth. In the workshop, there was also space for various concerns of the participants, who expressed special interest in the topics discussed and their desire to collaborate in different areas of work in the future. For more information about the International Association of Miraismo, visit the website: www.miraismo.org.