National Bureau of Migration

United States – April 29, 2016, the Chancellery of the Government of Colombia, through embassies and others ascribed to the Colombian program of the embassy “Colombia NOS UNE”. The program conducted an open call to all organizations of Colombians living abroad who are found legally constituted and invited them to the development of the National Bureau of Migration, an area of open participation where they want to give a greater participation to Colombians who do not reside within the country. The main purpose of the Bureau is the modification of the law 1465 of 2011, which seeks that the Government protects them, defend, and help all those fellow citizens who are living abroad.

MIRA USA as a non-governmental organization formed by and for immigrants of all nationalities, on this occasion, as well as previous occasions MIRA USA has worked with the Ecuadorian government. this event was intended to accept the invitation of the Colombian Foreign Ministry and participate with Colombians at the first meeting for the formation of the National Bureau of Migration in Bogota, and several consulates of the country throughout the United States, several of our delegates were present among them Carlos Andrés López who was physically in the city of Bogotá, place chosen for the meeting.

 Among the conclusions that were reached this year, was an agreement to extend the participation of the greatest number of organizations and associations representing the Colombian community abroad. Also, widely expose the needs and challenges facing the Colombia nationals when they decide to live abroad, regardless of the motivation that led them to decide on a different country of origin.

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