Highlights of the second round of voting in Ecuador

Highlights of the second round of voting in Ecuador


Charlotte, NC – The hard work, cordiality, and order of the Miraist volunteers highlighted during the second round of balloting in Ecuador that took place in Charlotte on Sunday, April 2.


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The Consulate of Ecuador based in Atlanta, Georgia, conducted the electoral activity, in coordination with La Casa del Ecuadorian Foundation and the support of MIRA USA with its volunteers.


“I have been working with MIRA USA for five years in consular activities, and for me, it is the best help, they are people who know what they have to do, they are organized and cordial. MIRA USA makes the success of the activity with its volunteers, “said Aracely Pacheco, director of La Casa del Ecuadorian Foundation.


Beginning from the morning, the volunteers began their tasks from receiving, organizing and leading voters to the ballot room identifying Ecuadorians. Helping those who had not registered to vote and provide information. Miraists of all different nationalities participated in the activity that lasted until late afternoon.


The Miraist also collaborated on behalf of the Casa del Ecuadorian Foundation, in taking signatures to request that the consulate can carry out the process of identification card upon their return to this city in August.


“The day has been successful, has remained very organized and without inconveniences,” said the Representative Juan Rafael Arcos Tuitza.


MIRA USA participated in the same way with its volunteers, in the elections held on February 19.