MIRA USA Performed a Free Workshop About the American Educational System: The Key to Success Is Education.

Gaithersburg, MD – The past months of September and October MIRA USA performed three free workshops  about the american educational system and how parents can understand it and help their children to complete their studies successfully. The workshop titled “The Key to Success is Education” was divided as follows: September 9, Elementary & Middle School, September 23, High School and October 14, transition to the University.
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the professional in education, Natasha Piñeros, the ESOL Consul of high schools in Gaithersburg-MD, María García and the student of political science, Laura Hoyos, conducted the workshops where parents learned a variety of topics including how to support their children with words of motivation and inspiration so they can face academic challenges, social and emotional behavior, creation of good habits for children so they can be organized and productive,  available resources offered by schools,  difference between University and College, how to choose and fill up applications for the University, financial aid and how to achieve success in their studies.
The workshop that was advertised on radio stations such as Way Broadcasting, La Mera Mera 1050 AM, Radio America Radio 1540 am (Washington DC and Maryland), welcomed approximately 30 participants who enjoyed the workshop and took valuable information for the future of their children.