Planting Hundreds of Trees, Miraists Make a School a Better Place

With great enthusiasm dozens of Miraists participated in a huge planting day of 750 trees, not only to beautify the green area of ​​a school south of Charlotte, but also helping to expand the stunning North Carolina forest.

The activity was held on Saturday, November 4th at Southwest Middle School, where many volunteers  representing different organizations, schools and local groups, arrived at 9:00 a.m. to participate in the environmental activity led by the Trees Charlotte organization.
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At least 60 volunteers, including adults, youth and children, wore their blue t-shirt that identified them as Miraists and when they were ready to begin the task, they received training by an expert who instructed them in the process of planting the trees correctly.
Armed with shovels, rakes and gloves, the Miraists were distributed in groups to speed up the work and after several hours and close to midday was  beautifully finished.
Afterwards, all the volunteers were gathered near the school building where they received thanks by the organizers and were invited to enjoy a delicious lunch.
“We appreciate the participation of the great MIRA USA organization,” said Heike Biller, event director of Trees Charlotte.
This is one of the favorite family activities of the Miraists, who have been collaborating with Trees Charlotte for several years now and in 2017 for the fourth time  in different environmental events around the Queen City.