MIRA USA Celebrated a Year of Achievements and Recognitions at the Charlotte Gala Dinner 2017

Charlotte, NC– With great success, the MIRA USA Gala Dinner was held on the evening of Friday November 17th in Charlotte, where the achievements obtained in 2017 were celebrated and acknowledgments were given, including the “Golden Ant” award which was given to the most outstanding miraists of the year.
The event was attended by more than 200 people and was held at the Charlotte Banquet Center located in south Charlotte, which was adorned for this annual fundraising event. The gala commenced with special thanks to the sponsors for donating a large number of prizes that were raffled throughout the night.
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The work done
Those who attended the celebration, some of whom did not know the work that MIRA USA performs locally and nationally, were able to learn the history of the organization in the United States through two videos, and the work areas of the organization in immigration and the environment.
Speaking about the work at the local level, Carolina Cortez, director of the Charlotte city branch, made a recount of the workshops organized this year, and the participation of dozens of volunteers in environmental activities and consular conferences.”The reason MIRA USA moves itself is because we have a large number of volunteers who work with all their love, values, solidarity, loyalty, justice and integrity to help many people,” Cortez emphasized.
Among the activities this year there was a successful workshop entitled “Lose the Fear of Taking the Citizenship Test”, which was given with the support of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), and three workshops for parents of children with special needs in association with the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC). There was the participation of countless big and small miraists in four environmental activities with “Trees Charlotte”, as well as in four consular days organized by the Casa del Ecuatoriano Foundation, which included facilitating Ecuadorians in voting in the presidential election of Ecuador.
The honorees
One of the most anticipated moments of the night was  the “Golden Ant” award that it was given to: Lorena Estrada, Susana Rodríguez, and Elías Avendaño.  Other award was given as Sponsor of the Year to Rubén Granados; owner of the restaurants: La Taquiza, Las Meras Tortas, and La Riviera, for his great support to MIRA USA.
The evening was enlivened by the Colombian singer, Henry Murillo, who with his voice and selection of songs delighted the attendees for two hours, while the hosts of the event: Cristian Castañeda and Simeón Oviedo, were entrusted with their entertaining comments and interventions to keep to the public in tune with the celebration.
The gala was the result of the work team of Miraists, who worked for several months to organize this evening with the aim of raising funds to continue offering activities for the benefit of the Latino community next year.