Trees Charlotte Highlights The Work of MIRA USA Volunteers

Charlotte, NC – The local organization Trees Charlotte highlighted the work of MIRA USA volunteers in its magazine The Leaflet, in its spring edition 2018, in a report titled: Beauty in Volunteering.

The article begins with the story of Elizabeth Quiñónez, 12, who a year ago asked her mother Jalixy as a birthday wish to participate as a volunteer of MIRA USA in a planting trees day at a school organized by Trees Charlotte.

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The publication indicates that what Elizabeth did, it is a message which is constantly reinforced in MIRA USA; caring for trees and doing volunteer work.

Carolina Cortez, branch director of  MIRA USA in Charlotte, said in the report that MIRA USA and Trees Charlotte have a “beautiful” relationship.

“When Trees Charlotte needs a large, sure to show up group of volunteers, we call MIRA USA. And when MIRA USA is looking  for  a large, sure to be helpful volunteer activity, they call us” the magazine mentions.

For years MIRA USA has been collaborating with Trees Charlotte on large and small planting days in schools, neighborhoods and stream sides to reforest land and create groves that provide shade and protect against overflow.

This work of caring for the environment, is one of the focuses of MIRA USA, along with immigration.