Successful Health Fair in Elizabeth, NJ.

Elizabeth, NJ- On April 7, 2018, MIRA USA hosted a Health Fair in Peterstown Community Center in the city of Elizabeth, NJ.  With the help and support of various entities and medical professionals like Horizon NJ Health, PROCEED, Union County – Office of Public Health, Mr. Louis Sedilla, Dr. Sandra Jimenez y Dr. Mitchell Alvan, we were able to provide health services to more than 100 people lacking medical insurance.

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The participants were given the opportunity to get screening tests such as glucose, HIV, hepatitis B, high blood pressure and cholesterol. We also offered eye exams, dental check-ups, mammography and gynecologist services completely free of charge.  There were also informative talks about breast cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes prevention.

Thanks to the medical professionals and our amazing group of MIRA USA volunteers, the event was a great success! We were able to provide health services to not only residents of the city of Elizabeth but the neighboring cities as well.

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