Latinos Prepare Themselves to Take Next Step in Citizenship with Mock Test

Charlotte, NC – Dozens of Latinos who are on their way to becoming citizens of this country had the opportunity to clear up doubts and be witnesses of a simulation of the complete naturalization test with a staff member of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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The most anticipated part by the nearly 70 attendees of the workshop: “Lose the fear of the Citizenship Test” was the mock part, which MIRA USA held in the city of Charlotte on Saturday the 12th of May at the Regional Morrison library.

In the workshop, the government official Amra Beslagic explained all the information about the naturalization process, the general requirements, how to request this important procedure and the types of possible questions that are asked in the personal interview and emphasized the importance of having a good moral character for those aspiring to be United States citizens.

Claudia Ramirez, one of the attendees, volunteered for the simulation of the citizenship test, which she was able to pass, receiving applauses from the public.

“I feel more confident now that I have practiced the test with the government official. Even though my fear is speaking in English, I know that I can pass thanks to this workshop”, said Ramirez.

Like Ramirez, the other attendees were also able to clear up their doubts and have answers to all their questions. In this manner, MIRA USA achieved its mission of helping this group of permanent residents take this important step to attain US citizenship.