Latinos in Charlotte Learned How to Build a Good Credit History

Charlotte, NC – A group of Latinos of different nationalities had the opportunity to attend a credit workshop and clear doubts about everything related to credit and how to build a good history thanks to the information provided by an expert in finance and small business banking.

There was great public participation with questions and experiences in the financial field during the seminar: “Learn about the proper use of credit” which MIRA USA carried out in the city of Charlotte on Saturday, July 28th at the Morrison Regional Library.

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In the workshop the finance expert, Ofelia Amador, explained all the information about the importance of acquiring an excellent score when building good credit, which is reflected when applying for a loan in a bank and the high variation of interest amount to be paid, among other topics.

“The impact between having regular credit and excellent credit is big, and is seen reflected in the interest amount to pay,” said Amador.

One issue that caught the attention among the attendees was regarding the proper use of credit cards. The officer explained that at the time of making credit card purchases, the total should not exceed 75% of the card’s balance, you must not pay the entire purchase, you should pay on time and always maintain a balance.

Amador pointed out that you must take care of your credit history, and avoid the negative impact on your score, because without due care “many doors can be closed”.

All questions from the attendants were answered, and this way MIRA USA achieved its mission to inform and educate the community on this important financial issue.

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