Lose the Fear of Taking the Citizenship Test Workshop Held in Elizabeth, NJ

On Saturday, August 4th, MIRA USA held a free workshop “Lose the fear of taking the citizenship test” in Elizabeth, NJ. There were 20 attendees present that morning along with 9 MIRA USA volunteers.

The instructors, Stella Segura and Jacqueline Arango, opened the event with a presentation in which the individuals were explained the eligibility requirements to obtain their citizenship, tips on passing the test, key phrases and words, and what to do in a situation in which you feel you have been treated unfairly. The participants also had the opportunity to ask questions regarding any particular circumstance or share any of their prior experiences.

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After the presentation, each of the participants had the opportunity to partake in a mock citizenship interview. Everyone was able to be interviewed between 4-5 times with each of the MIRA USA volunteers. They were provided feedback after each test and the level of difficulty varied with each interview.

After four hours, everyone left the event extremely happy and satisfied with all of the information and the practice they obtained.

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