Multiple tools and strategies were given in employment workshop in Connecticut

With the participation of 3 qualified panelists, the first free employment workshop was held on Saturday, September 8 in the city of Stratford CT. Forty people,  from different parts of Connecticut, Westchester and  New York, attended the workshop and were able to find guidelines and better alternatives for a job interview and the creation of a resume for an employer.

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The workshop allowed each person could have multiple tools and strategies such as: to know questions and answers frequently used by different companies to choose applicants, be able to know how to answer, personal presentation, the correct posture and how to feel secure with your answers, so that you can be successful in your interview.

Another topic seen was the guidelines to make an effective resume, where the exhibitors specified that relevant information should go and that so much personal and professional information should be placed there. In addition, a record was given of the best current employment web pages most effective to apply.

The assistants shared a very pleasant time, asking their questions, clearing fears and doubts when it comes to being in front of an employer in person or virtually if it were the case.