Latinos Learned about the Voting Process in North Carolina

Charlotte, NC – A group of Latinos, mostly women, received first-hand information about the voting process in North Carolina during the seminar organized by MIRA USA in the city of Charlotte on Saturday, September 28th at the Morrison Regional Library.

The event had the participation of Michael Dickerson, director of the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections (MCBOE), who explained the process in detail, state voting laws, and other voting methods such as Vote-by-Mail and Early Voting.

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Dickerson indicated that people who have not yet registered for this mid-term election can do so until October 12th if they intend to vote on Election Day, which this year will be November 6th.

“That day voters must vote in the precincts assigned to them according to their address. But if you fail to do so, you will be able to register and vote in a single step during the early voting period that begins October 17th through Saturday, November 3rd”, he said.

The Director stressed that in order to register for the first time, the interested party must present a photo identification, as well as those who moved from a different state or county, to update their address.

This is the second seminar done by MIRA USA in collaboration with Dickerson. The first workshop was held in 2016 when the presidential elections were held.

“This year was kind of different, we have no major elections for president or senators, but representatives from the 13 federal districts of North Carolina will be elected, as well as the Senate and House of Representatives, judges, and the Board of Commissioners for Mecklenburg County”, he explained.

For Patricia Méndez, a naturalized citizen, from Honduras, the workshop was a great help.

“Now I feel more confident to go and vote with the information I received in the workshop, and also with the opportunity to practice on a voting machine to see how the vote is made,” said Méndez.

Attendees received informational material on where they can vote in advance, registration forms, as well as a copy of the ballot with the election candidates for Mecklenburg County.

This way MIRA USA once again fulfilled its goal of educating immigrants to be actors in their own solutions.


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