The event “Golden Ant Award ” was held in Atlanta, Georgia with great joy, informative motives, and lots of fun this past Sunday January 27th.

During the event, volunteers were recognized for their contributions in several activities in 2018 and the projected work for MIRA USA was discussed as well.

There were more than 150 attendees (volunteers and their families) who also enjoyed delicious food, desserts, and snacks.  There were  folkloric dance performers, Alma Mexicana of Atlanta dance group,  who danced local folkloric dances from the region of Guadalajara Mexico.   The dances performed gave the opportunity for our American volunteers to know more about the Mexican culture and get closer to our volunteers from Mexico.

Our volunteers also enjoyed of four games of Bingo and the winners of said games were rewarded with multiple prizes. There were 26 children, most of whom are the children of our volunteers, who enjoyed themselves in a costume competition.  The children ranged from ages 1 years of age to 11 years old.  The girls dressed up as princesses and they boys dressed up as they favorite superhero.    All the children were given gifts and it was wonderful to see the happiness and gratefulness in their faces.  Thanks for the donations, no child went home empty handed.

The event was hosted by Solangie Castaneda, Director of local communications and Juan Carlos Rodriguez.  Their charisma and charm kept the audience entertained and attentive to the event.

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After the presentation of a video from MIRA USA depicting new strategies, the mission and vision, the Director of MIRA USA in Atlanta, Maria Victoria Thomas, took the podium to mention the activities held during 2018.  They were informative events regarding immigration, social environmental issues, along with other accomplishments.

The event began at 4:30 pm and lasted till 8:30pm.  During this time, our volunteers were recognized for the work and certifications where handed out to them by Mr. Ivan Mauricio Torovich.

One of the most anticipated moments of the evening was handing out the “Golden Ant” award.  This year the award went to Nira Taru and Carissa Villa.  These two women were recognized for their selfless volunteering spirit and dedication to the Maraista cause.

“It is marvelous to be a part of MIRA USA and to bring to live our slogan, Helping others is what moves us” expressed Villa.  “Mi invitation is for all persons to join this beautiful family, and to let themselves be moved to help those in our community”