Massive assistance to the workshop about scholarships and university loans

Charlotte, NC- With great enthusiasm and massive assistance was done the first workshop: “Yes there are scholarships!” that MIRA USA held on Saturday, December 1st in the Queen City, and which counted on the support of The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC).

The event was attended by nearly a hundred participants, including young people who are about to finish high school, university students who are beginning their studies, as well as several parents and adults who were interested in learning about available scholarships and loans.

Juana Hernandez, a functionary of CFNC, has been working with Latino families for eight years to help them understand the process to get into the 111 private and public colleges and universities that exist in North Carolina.

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“The CFNC is a free resource for all residents of this state, students, parents, even counselors use this resource to help young people find all the information and orient them through the process of entering college,” Hernandez said.

The CFNC officer spoke of the differences between tuition fees for students who are considered “in-state” and “out-of-state”, as well as those coming from other countries and those who lack immigration documents.

“For young people who do not have immigration documents, it is best to enter a private school or university, as they have many resources and financial aid for them,” he said.

Hernandez explained the types of scholarships available, about the federal loans such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), company scholarships for DACA youth, and early college, which is a way for high school students to get a free Associates degree.

For two and a half hours the attendees asked questions, which Hernandez would respond to, and in the end provided a list of websites of organizations, institutions, and colleges that offer scholarships or provide financial assistance at the state and national level.

Carolina Cortez, the director of MIRA USA in Charlotte, at the end of the event spoke of upcoming workshops to be held next year, and delighted the attendees with the drawing of two laptops donated by supporters of the organization.

“The workshop helped me a lot to see the possibilities I have to go to college, because before I thought that they were very scarce, but there are many, which exceeded my expectations,” said Maria Fernanda, a young Venezuelan who attended the event with her mother.

This way MIRA USA fulfilled its goal of informing and helping the immigrant community with this successful workshop, which will have a second part in 2019.