Workshop Planning and Financial Organization Orlando, FL

The “Planning and Financial Organization” event was a complete success in the city of Orlando. Our organization MIRA USA along with the team of Allgen, Financial Advisors enjoyed of a very nice evening with the Co-Founder of the company Allgen, Paul Roldan. On this evening we talked about the fundamentals of financial planning. Our participants and volunteers were able to enjoy of a lot of knowledge on how to plan for retirement, on different types of insurances, in the stages that encompass everything that has to do with our finances, and much more.

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In the city of Orlando 25 people were gathered, those of which left motivated and prepared to be more disciplined with their expenses and with more knowledge and understanding of what we should truly invest in. Each person left with much gratefulness toward MIRA USA for this great opportunity and with Allgen for having shared of their time and their knowledge in this matter which many of us had plenty of doubts in.