Workshop Foundations for the integral development of children

Philadelphia, PA- On Saturday March 30, parents from Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey gathered for an informational workshop organized by MIRA USA regarding the importance of early education in child development from ages of 0-5 years.

Our professional speakers, Sandra Liliana Jiménez, MD; Jenny Marcela Vanegas, Speech Therapist and Service Coordinator of Elwyn Services; Claudia Peregrina, Art Therapist and Community Organizer; and Esperanza Lopez, Special Education Instructor and Social Worker, provided insight from various professional perspectives in order to achieve an integral understanding on this topic.

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Attendees received information regarding psychomotor and psychosocial development, speech development, adequate sensory stimulation for children, behavioral development, proper nutrition, talent stimulation and the various warning signs to keep in mind during each stage of development. Parents also received educational materials such as books, toys, sensory bags as a creative strategy to stimulate their children and ideas for healthy snacks.

Lastly, our speakers presented information about free resources available in Philadelphia that aim to help children between the ages of 0 to 5 years who present intellectual and behavioral challenges, as well as other support services available to help foster artistic, interpersonal, physical and intellectual talent.

One of the attendees mentioned “This is what I was looking for, as an immigrant, courses in Spanish for the community, to learn about our children, because many of us are in this country alone and it is a great help to learn about available resources in our community, how to manage each developmental stage of our babies and to receive the materials that were so generously provided”

Parents in attendance were able to have their questions and concerns addressed through this informative workshop organized by MIRA USA .