Workshop for contractors and small businesses

In the city of Stamford, Connecticut with the participation of two qualified panelists we held the first training for contractors and small construction companies

The number of Spanish-speaking attendees at the UCONN university in Stamford CT was 32 people, who were trained in two fundamental topics of the construction area. In the first topic, basic issues that every contractor should know, concepts when starting a job in the different areas of construction were explained.

Once the first segment was completed, we gave place to the second part of the training, this segment was based on the reading and interpretation of plans. Attendees learned about recommendations and limitations when they start a project or new contract.

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The assistants shared a very pleasant time, where they asked their questions clearing fears and doubts when they receive a work that involves many technical concepts that sometimes are not clear from the beginning of the work.

In the Workshop each contractor or service provider took advantage of all tools and strategies that they have. Also, they learned new tools to make a better work agreement for both concerned parties.

The workshop was held from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, where people from different parts of Connecticut and Westchester New York participated