Overcome your Fear to take the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA Houston,TX

Houston, TX – MIRA USA held a workshop – Training “Overcome your Fear to take the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA.” The event was held last Saturday, May 4, 2019, at Plaza de Las Americas Shopping Center 201 Sharpstown Center, Houston TX 77036, Suite F14. More than a hundred and seventy people attended this event which was a success to advise and training the immigrant community ready to take this test.

This workshop helped the participants lose the fear to speak English and practice their pronunciation thanks to the help of our native English-speaking volunteers. The three and a half-hour free workshop was offered in Spanish and the main purpose was to inform and prepare permanent residents who are near to become citizens. Attendees cleared any doubts about the procedure, requirements, and benefits of the Naturalization process.

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Participants also had the opportunity to experience a similar and complete interview thought the practice of the N-400 form and the hundred questions about civics. With these mock attendants had an idea about the process in order to be prepared for the test. This workshop had as the main speaker Lawyer Osato Imade from the Herrera and Associates PLLC, specialized in Immigration Law which provided legal assistance and advice to the audience. At the end of the workshop, participants appreciated and recognized MIRA USA as a valuable contribution to the community through these kinds of Citizenship workshops.