Dozens of immigrants prepare to become citizens and lose their fear of the citizenship test

Charlotte, NC –Dozens of people learned about the process to become US citizens in the workshop: “Lose the fear of citizenship test with MIRA USA” that was held at the Morrison Regional Library in Charlotte on Saturday, June 1st

The workshop began with an introduction by Carolina Cortez, Director of the MIRA USA in Charlotte and a short video where the organization was presented with the objective of helping others.

The workshop was officiated by the bilingual officer of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) Helen Infante who, in her presentation, covered topics such: the requirements to be able to apply for citizenship, applying for naturalization, the personal interview, the swearing ceremony, and available resources.  

“It is important that you know that you should not be afraid. We are here to help you, don’t be afraid to ask us questions, and if someone mistreats you during the citizenship process], ask for a supervisor” Daniel Knutson, USCIS Official of Community Relations, who was also present at the workshop, emphasized.

Officer Infante explained the requirements of age, residency, physical presence in the country, and that the person must have good moral character, which is one of the most important requirements.

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After the presentation there was a segment for questions from the attendees, which the Infante officer answered in order to clear doubts and concerns. At the end of the event, the officer performed a simulation of the complete citizenship test with a participant, in which she explained in detail several of the questions and the correct way to respond. The aspiring citizen answered the questionnaire from the form N-400 and answer the United States history and civics questions, for which easy received applause from the public after approved the test.

The event was attended by people of different nationalities, including Romania, and was broadcast live via Facebook Live through a local media outlet.

In addition to the presentation, USCIS provided guide books, brochures, and informative materials such as “flash cards” and notebooks containing the 100 questions to study for the citizenship test.

In this way the workshop was successful and MIRA USA fulfilled its goal of helping others with the assistance of this group of people who were satisfied with the information received.