Overcome the Fear of taking the citizenship test with MIRA USA Miami, FL

On Saturday June 1st MIRA USA in Miami, FL held the citizenship workshop: “Overcome the Fear of taking the citizenship test with MIRA USA”

More than 130 people attended the workshop which began with a MIRA USA presentation. This gave the participants the opportunity to know more about what programs we offer in order to help the community. The workshop was officiated by the bilingual US Citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) officer Berta Cassidy. Through her presentation she informed the participants about the process and requirements needed to become United Sates citizens.

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Also, those who are already preparing for the citizenship exam had the opportunity to practice the questions of the N-400, the civic questions, the writing and reading required for the exam.  Our bilingual volunteers accompanied them with this.

In the end, a simulation of the interview with the immigration officer was conducted.  Here participants were given a real-time example of what the interview will be like.

In the end the oath of allegiance was practiced, and the national anthem of the United States was sung.  All the participants left very happy with the event held and more ready to become United States citizens.