Overcome the Fear of Taking the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA Orlando, FL


This summer in the city of Orlando, we presented the workshop “Overcome the fear of taking the citizenship test ” in the public library, South Trail Branch. In the workshop we had the participants review the bilingual questions of the N-400 application, the 100 civic questions, and they were also able to practice some of the English language that they will be using on the day of their interview. Likewise, a mock interview was presented while out volunteers posed as the immigration officials, to help them lose their fear, and so they may have an idea of what to await on the day of their appointment.

To see images of the event, Click Here 

This part of the workshop is very important as it gives us an idea of how prepared our future American Citizens are, this way allowing us to give them suggestions on how to prepare better accordingly and creating more confidence in themselves.

our participants as our volunteers were very thankful with the opportunity of having an even more personalized experience and with being able to help the community. Along with our established volunteers, there were also our new volunteers that were preparing for our future events, to be able to help many more People.