Lose The Fear of the Citizenship Test

From its very beginning, the United States has been a country that has opened its doors to immigrants from all parts of the world allowing them to know, visit, and live in this country. Because of this, more than 7,400,000 immigrants have become naturalized citizens of this country.

The language barrier and the lack of civics knowledge to achieve this benefit of becoming a U.S. citizen can be overcome with the necessary information and help. Periodically, MIRA USA holds dynamic workshops nationwide that help legal U.S. residents lose the fear of taking the great step that is becoming citizens of the United States.

With the workshop, “Lose the Fear of Taking the Citizenship Test with MIRA USA”, the organization emphasizes the naturalization process as an opportunity that benefits the country along with the immigrants that take this step. Becoming a citizen is a decision that opens enormous doors, contributes to the improvement of quality of life, and allows for the social integration into the country, while also providing knowledge of the rights and duties one has.

Some of the benefits of becoming a citizen include the following:

  1. Immigration of Relative: An important benefit of new citizens is that they can help their families immigrate to the United States. In fact, relatives of citizens have priority when it comes to immigrating to this country. Additionally, children of immigrants under 18 automatically obtain the citizenship of their parents.

  2. Right to Vote: Only citizens of the United States have a right to vote in federal elections and to participate as a candidate in the majority of local, state, and federal elections. The direct participation in democracy is one of the great privileges of the country.

  3. Obtain an American Passport: The United States protects its citizens abroad through embassies and consulates. That is yet another benefit of pledging allegiance and loyalty to this country. The assistance varies from help to victims of crime abroad to instructions of what to do in case an emergency occurs while in another country.

  4. Access to more jobs: The federal government is one of the greatest employers in the world in countless industries. Nevertheless, the majority of jobs with federal agencies require applicants to be American citizens.

  5. Jury Duty: One of the most important civic duties of being a citizen is being able to participate in federal grand juries. Jurors are people that help to determine the innocence or guilt of defendants. The members of a jury are randomly selected from lists of registered voters and drivers license databases.

  6. Access to a greater number of student scholarships: The federal government offers student financial aid of various types, such as scholarships that are exclusively available to United States citizens.

  7. Long-term stays outside of the country: As a permanent resident, there is a limit to the time that one can stay outside the United States. If one were to go over that limit, one can lose the permanent resident title.