Workshop: Overcome Your Taking of taking the Citizenship Exam- Elizabeth,NJ

Elizabeth, NJ – On Saturday, June 29, dozens of individuals were able to attend our successful workshop “Overcome Your Taking of taking the Citizenship Exam” at the Peterstown Community Center.

Through this workshop, 87 residents acquired knowledge about the citizenship process, the eligibility requirements and were able to study the questions of the N-400 application. The participants also had the opportunity to be part of a simulation of the complete interview with one of our volunteers. This workshop was free and was conducted in Spanish as well as in English. 

Bilingual officer of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), Cruz Builes, was present and assisted us with giving a presentation and answering many questions that participants had. On several occasions, Ms. Builes interacted with the audience by asking them questions about the interview or the requirements to take the test. She kept stressing that “the first thing you have to present to the table is a positive attitude”.

Following the presentation, our residents participated in a mock interview. Ms. Builes was monitoring the interviews and, together with our volunteers, gave suggestions to the participants about what areas could be improved. At the end of the simulation, guide books, flashcards and study brochures with the 100 questions of the exam were given.

At the end of it all, the oath was practiced with the USCIS officer and all those who participated were encouraged and happy with this workshop to present the citizenship test. The whole event was successful and once again we fulfilled our goal because MIRA USA moves us to help.

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